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Why Aerial Precision's Exclusively Support Apple's Ecosystem?

In the dynamic realm of LiDAR technology, Aerial Precision stands at the forefront, dedicated to revolutionizing how professionals in surveying and mapping industries harness the power of LiDAR data. Central to our commitment is the exclusive support for Apple's ecosystem, extending across iPad, iPhone and Mac. In this blog post, we'll explore the strategic advantages of this decision, focusing on the seamless integration, optimal performance, and streamlined user experience that Aerial Precision app provides.

State of the Platform

Aerial Precision proudly aligns with the latest Apple software releases, ensuring Aerial Precision app seamlessly operates on iPad, Mac, and iPhone. This commitment is rooted in the continuous advancements and enhanced performance of each new hardware and software releases. The Apple install base, with most devices operating on the latest software versions, reflects our commitment to staying ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

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Advantages of Apple's Ecosystem Over Other Platforms in the LiDAR Context

  • Consistency: Apple's ecosystem offers a consistent and uniform user experience, ensuring optimal performance across iPad, iPhone and Mac.
  • Security and Stability: Apple's stringent security measures and regular updates contribute to a stable environment, which is crucial in industrial application and for handling sensitive LiDAR data.
  • Optimization for Efficiency: The standardized software and hardware stack in the iOS, iPadOS and macOS ecosystems allow Aerial Precision to optimize the app for efficient and highest  performance on every supported device.

Smooth Design and Development

Apple's robust development toolchain empowers Aerial Precision to create, test, and deploy a single codebase seamlessly across iPad and Mac. Leveraging Apple's design tools, including  SwiftUI, accelerates design iterations and enhances the overall quality of our application's user experience. Similarly, Apple's integrated development environment, Xcode, streamlines the development process, fostering stability and cohesion in the app.


Seamless Hardware and Software Integration

The benefits of using a standardized hardware platform include closely tying software capabilities to hardware capabilities. Aerial Precision utilizes Apple's APIs to optimize performance, resulting in unparalleled efficiency and longer battery life. The tight integration of its OS APIs with Apple's GPUs enhances the functionality of our app, aligning seamlessly with the reliability and consistency expected by our users.


A Commitment to a Superior User Experience

Our decision to exclusively support Apple devices is rooted in the pursuit of precision and excellence. The seamless integration, optimal performance, streamlined user experience, and ongoing support offered by the Apple ecosystem make it the clear choice for professionals in the LiDAR field. While Android may have its merits, the advantages of iOS, iPadOS and macOS regarding consistency, security, and optimization align perfectly with our mission to provide a top-tier LiDAR solution. At Aerial Precision, precision is not just a goal; it's a commitment. By exclusively supporting Apple devices, we ensure our LiDAR systems are a beacon of accuracy and efficiency in land surveying and beyond.