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Aerial Precision DAY

Aerial Precision B.V. will host Aerial Precision Day on December 15 at DronePort, Sint-Truiden, Belgium, to provide professionals with an open day of effective contact with technology solutions that provide the best real-time answers, for professionals who need qualified information in the shortest possible time.

The Aerial Precision Day will allow professionals to experience our sensors and software first-hand in a real working environment, where you can learn how easy it is to scan with AP-LiDAR-One and AP-LiDAR-M.

Aerial Precision develops 3D sensor modules based on artificial intelligence and all accompanying software to process and analyze the data from the sensor modules. Since our customers can install 3D sensor modules in commercial drones and/oragricultural vehicles, they can use them for various applications.

Today’s market demands faster, more accurate, and more affordable solutions. And this is the gap that Aerial Precision comes to fill in the market, offering more affordable solutions with real-time processing, providing reliable and quality results, and increasing the potential competitiveness of its customers. Through our solutions, our customers can make real-time decisions based on information that is a critical factor for the success of their business.

In the global marketplace, the time factor has become even more sensitive, so the speed of decision-making can dictate better competitive performance against fierce competition, and so more than ever, information is worth gold, but if it is accurate, quality, and available in real-time, then it is priceless.

The Aerial Precision Day Program:

10h00- Reception

10h30 – Welcome and Presentation

11h00 – Aerial Precision Solutions

12h30 – Lunch

14h00 – Live Demos

We hope to see you on the 15th December at DronePort!

Aerial Precision Day