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Our goal is to revolutionize the industry by going beyond mere data collection and venturing into data processing and delivering actionable information. At Aerial Precision, we specialize in designing and manufacturing lightweight intelligence-driven 3D sensing systems for commercial drones and mobile vehicles. By harnessing the power of our sensors, we extract valuable insights from 3D spatial data and provide our customers with highly focused information that empowers their decision-making processes.



CEO & Founder

With a background in electronics engineering and specialised in sensor fusion, guidance, navigation and control of unmanned systems (also known as drones), Vicente has led teams from different companies on the development and operation of high-end drone systems all around the world. He has worked with several competing techniques for 3D mapping, including photogrammetry and LiDAR.

When working on the production of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, the latest Mission Impossible movie and many geophysics surveys, he quickly identified the limitations of current technology as regards of speed and costs. He perceived that there was an important need to generate 3D maps and that the way they are produced today could be improved dramatically.

That’s why he decided to focus on the foundation of Aerial Precision to develop a new solution for these problems: a next-generation LiDAR system that can be used with any iOS device and generates point clouds within minutes. This solution is also far more cost-effective and is deployable not only in the entertainment business, but also in agriculture, on construction sites and in city mapping.

Michael gained his experience in business-to-business industries involving high-quality technical products and complex production processes. Starting with a TU Delft mechanical engineering course he mastered the field of technical project management for product development in equipment and machine construction.

After completing an MBA he made the switch to the manufacturing sector producing high-quality gas turbine components such as those used in the aircraft industry and power plants.

Michael Laddrak

Michael Laddrak


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