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Unveiling the Advantages of a REC Button on LiDAR Sensors

In the intricate world of LiDAR technology, where precision is paramount, the seemingly simple inclusion of a REC button becomes a game-changer. Today, we delve into why having a REC button on a LiDAR sensor, particularly on the AP-LiDAR-One Gen II is more than just a convenience—it's a trigger for efficiency and quality assurance, with real-time control over data acquisition. 

Simplifying Data Acquisition

The Rec button is the key that unlocks a seamless data acquisition process. Whether seasoned professionals or newcomers to LiDAR technology, users gain immediate control over the recording functionality with a single press. This simplicity ensures the swift integration of LiDAR technology into existing operational workflows, making it accessible and user-friendly.

A Quality Assurance Self-Check with Real-Time Feedback

Beyond its apparent simplicity, the REC button on the AP-LiDAR-One Gen II is a self-check mechanism with real-time feedback. This feature adds a layer of sophistication to its functionality. When you power up the sensor, it initiates with a blinking magenta, signifying its readiness. However, the true magic lies in the color system it employs.

  • Magenta (Blinking): The sensor is powered and booting up.
  • Green: The coveted color affirms everything is in order, from GNSS and IMU status to LiDAR functionality.
  • Yellow: Indicates that the flash drive needs attention—it may be missing, full, or in the wrong format. 

This color system is not just aesthetically pleasing; it's a practical quality check ensuring that all components vital for correct sensor functioning are operational. Time is money, and the color system streamlines the troubleshooting process, saving users from unnecessary inconveniences and potential time wastage.

Efficient Start to Data Recording: Red Means Go!

When you're ready to commence data recording, a simple REC button press turns red—a universally understood signal that the LiDAR sensor is actively recording. This clear visual indication eliminates ambiguity, giving users confidence that their data capture is underway.

In conclusion, the REC button on LiDAR sensors, especially on AP-LiDAR-One Gen II, is not just about initiating recording; it's a holistic approach to enhancing the LiDAR experience. From simplifying the data acquisition process to providing real-time quality checks and feedback, every aspect empowers users and ensures the highest efficiency in LiDAR endeavours.

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