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AP-LiDAR-One Gen II Closeup


Superior LiDAR sensor for Aerial, Mobile and Indoor 3D Mapping

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AP-LiDAR-M Gen II Closeup


Entry-level LiDAR sensor for Aerial 3D Mapping

From 10,975 € 

All our sensors share these common groundbreaking features:

Dual Antenna L1/L5 GNSS Receivers
Precise point clouds even in the most challenging environments.

Industrial IMUs
With 1°/hr gyroscopes and INS solution computed at 2,000 Hz.

Survey-grade accuracy
From 3 to 5 cm (1.2 to 2 in), achieve precise and accurate scans for the most demanding projects.

Triple Returns
Complete point cloud coverage of the ground, even in dense vegetation and tree canopies.

REC Button
Simplifies the data acquisition process, ensuring a swift integration into any platform.

Store and transfer high volumes of data effortlessly by enabling a direct connection to the iPad at 400 MB/s.

No calibration flights required
Perfectly aligned strips with a simple takeoff, capture and land mission.

Colorise with RGB, Thermal or Multispectral
Capture simultaneous data with any other sensor and augment the envelope of information of your data.

Just 690 grams. Experience the ultimate portability and unleash its full potential on various drones.

european-union100% Designed, Manufactured and Coded in Europe.



Process your LiDAR data on a Mac or iPad and experience inmediate results while in the field.

Coordinate Reference Systems
Define your horizontal and vertical datums from more than 6,500 available.

GNSS Post-Processing (PPK)
Automatically post-process both antennas independently for optimal positioning results.

Align to GCPs
Easily align your point cloud and create comprehensive accuracy reports.

Export to LAS or LAZ
Share your point cloud with full or reduced density and move to the next step in your workflow.

Create stunning 3D Scans
Capture LiDAR data with your compatible iPad or iPhone, inlcuding HD photo annotations, and document any space in seconds.

Import massive billions-points point clouds
Effortlessly import LAS or LAZ point clouds and navigate and inspect like never before with gestures.

Unlimited measurements
From distance measurements to advanced volumetric calculations, extract all relevant information needed for your project.

Create and share PDF reports
Include measurements, annotations and more and share reports with end-customers.




Aerial 3D mapping of an open chalk mine for volumetric calculations.

Equipment used
AP-LiDAR-One Gen II on a DJI M350 RTK

Data capture
Flight time of 18m 52s at 50 m above takeoff point, flying at 10 m/s covering a total of 27 ha.

More than 180 Million points with 3-5 cm accuracy and average point density of 700 pts/m2.
All processed in 8 minutes on an iPad while in the field.


eagle drone


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