Your first intelligence-driven LiDAR system.


Lightest in industry, suitable for small drones such as the DJI M210 or M300 RTK, Freefly Astro or Acecore ZOE.


Perfect for daily enterprise applications.


Plug-and-fly, no extra components or expensive INS systems required.


Easy and convenient real-time control of your data combined with flight operations.


Proprietary SLAM architecture for unmatched real-time performance.


LAS files ready on the micro SD-Card as soon as you are done scanning.

100% Designed, Manufactured
and Coded in Europe.


Digital lidar technology

Featuring the latest LiDAR technology on the market.
200 meters of range with a field of view of 360° capable of capturing more than 1.300.000 points per second with ±3 cm accuracy.

32 or 64, you channel it.

It also means that for your required point cloud density, the more channels you have, the faster you can fly and complete your projects in a fraction of the time.
AP-LiDAR-One can be equipped with two different LiDAR channels configurations, delivering the point density your projects demand.


1024 Point Processing Cores.

Our custom developed hardware and software inside AP-LiDAR-One is capable of  registering more than 2 million points per second.

Powered by AP-SLAM.

A proprietary and application specific SLAM architecture and algorithms powers our system for unmatched real-time performance.

Industry standard files.

Thanks to our real-time point cloud registration, your data is ready as soon as your are done scanning. Forget about long and tedious data post-processing.
With support for external storage on a micro SD-Card*, you will never run out of space no matter how long your mission is.
*AP-LiDAR-One includes a 256 GB micro SD Card

OTA software updates.

The software of AP-LiDAR-One can be upgraded over time to ensure that you always have the latest innovations and features developed by our team.


DJI SKYPORT, M600 and A3 ready.

AP-LiDAR-One connects and integrates seamless with your DJI M210, M300 RTK, M600 or A3 based drones with the included DJI SKYPORT or our universal mount. No need for extra expensive INS systems or any other external components.
With your tablet connected to your drone remote controller, you get real-time visualization and control of the lidar data, as you would expect.

PX4 or Auterion powered drones,

AP-LiDAR-One can also be integrated into PX4 or Auterion based drones such as the Acecore ZOE or the brand new Freefly ASTRO.

and more to come.

We will continue to extend our mounting options to integrate with other drones such as those Quantum System or Wingtra.
We will be happy to hear from your particular integration needs.

Standard tripod thread.

Not having a drone around? You can always place AP-LiDAR-One on a tripod or suction cup using the standard UNC 1/4-20 thread provided.
Once connected via Ethernet to our app, you get exactly the same functionality as when connected to a drone, enabling you to do mobile mapping and much more.


Full awareness and control of your data, from your device.

Aerial Precision’s iOS and macOS app allows you to have real-time visualization and control of your point cloud. 

Drone flight operations.

By integrating flight operations, it will help you plan your flights, optimise it for LiDAR data acquisition and takes command of your drone.


Feel free to contact us if you have any further question about integrations or any other topic. We will be happy to hear from you.

Industry Partners

Just some of the business that collaborates with us.


LiDAR sensor:

  • 32 or 64 channels.
  • 200 m range.
  • 360° x 45° field of view.
  • 3 laser returns.
  • ± 3 cm accuracy.
  • 1.310.720 points per second.

Aerial Precision’s Artificial Intelligence Unit:

  • 1024 Point Processing Cores.
  • Powered by AP-SLAM.
  • Internal precision IMU and RTK GPS.
  • External micro SD-Card.
  • Industry standard files: .LAS.
  • Over-The-Air software updates.

iOS and macOS App.

Mount options and accessories:

  • DJI Skyport Mount.
  • Aerial Precision’s Universal Mount.
  • UNC 1/4-20 Tripod thread.
  • Mobile Mapping Kit


  • 25 W typical, 36 W peak.
  • 9V – 36V DC input voltage.


  • 87 x 95 x 136 mm.
  • 590 grams.


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