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A continuous layer of our proprietary AP-SLAM algorithm runs on-top of the INS for an unmatched performance and accuracy.

 Survey-grade accuracy

Achieve precise scans with an exceptional survey-grade accuracy of up to 3 cm XYZ.

 Ultra light

Experience the ultimate in portability with our ultra-light LiDAR sensors, just 590 grams. Take it with you wherever you go and unleash its potential on a variety of drones.


Ativo 4One White Gen ii-2


european-union100% Designed, Manufactured and Coded in Europe.

Ativo 2ipad


Full control and insights of your LiDAR data, from your device.

Process the LiDAR data into into .las files directly on your iPad while on the field. Post-process with PPK and align to ground control points for enhanced accuracy. Export and work in any coordinate reference system.

Import and visualise LiDAR files from any source, measure volumes, areas and much more.

In 3 simple steps you can go from data capturing to customer deliverables within the same convenient workflow.

Ativo 81


Connect AP-LiDAR-One or AP-LiDAR-M to an iPad via the remote controller of the drone. Our iOS app gives full control of the data capture process and drone flight performance with a live view of the point cloud.


Ativo 72


After capturing the data, our iOS app will process it to create a full density point cloud that can immediately being analysed. From volumetric measurements to ground control point alignment, it gives you the tools to extract the information needed.


Ativo 63


Easily share the information straight from your iPad. An intuitive workflow that makes LiDAR data analysis simple and convenient.


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